Phase 1: Preliminary design

Analysis of the information given to us ; definition of the internal architecture in relation to the technical and architectural requirements of the brief ; preparation of a preliminary design including plans showing the main principles to a scale of 2 cm to the metre, proposed choice of materials, sketches and colour perspectives.

Phase 2: Detailed preliminary design

Taking the preliminary design as a basis, definition of the whole project in terms of operation, form, quality. In the detailed preliminary design we take into account any comments on the preliminary design submission and prepare general arrangement drawings, sections and main elevations, all to a scale of 2 cm to the metre, together with electrical layout drawings.

Phase 3: Principles of working drawings

Plans, sections and elevations to a scale of 5 cm to the metre, details, outline description & explanation.

Phase 4: Tender documents

The tender documents comprise all the drawings, sections, elevations and details, together with specifications of materials and workmanship and extent of the works in each trade.

Phase 5: Preparation for contract signature

Examination of the drawings and documents submitted by the tendering contractors, finalising the drawings and documents for appending to the contracts with the contractors.

Phase 6: Supervision of the works

Site supervision to ensure the contract drawings and documents are respected. Regular site meetings with the contractors and issuing minutes during the course of the works.

Phase 7: Handover

Assistance in handing over the works to the client including preparation of a list of eventual defects. Checking valuations for interim and final payments to contractors.

Méthodologie - Architecture d'interieur Methodology exemple:
Parisian apartment
Méthodologie - Architecture d'interieur Methodology exemple:
Imperial Hotel - Tokyo